Does the Orgasm Cream Really Work?


You most likely have come across a commercial touting a female orgasm cream/gel. There is a happy couple just discussing; he sexes life before the introduction of the cream. Then suddenly there are fireworks shooting right into space, and there is a look of pure satisfaction on the face of the woman. Her husband does not look bothered either, he seems pleased himself.

When it comes to sexual enhancement for women, orgasm creams works pretty well for a lot of women out there. These creams can help them to get in the mood and also help them to feel the sensations of pleasure because these creams stimulate an erogenous zone which contributes to increasing the desire of its users to have sex.

These arousal stimulants are integrated into the orgasm cream which is rubbed on the top, around and underneath the hood of the clitoris of the woman. The cream then stimulates some sensitivity which creates a gentle warming sensation that increases the pleasure of the woman during intimacy. The cream can also be inserted with a finger to lubricate the G-spot that is located in the inner part of the woman.

Orgasm creams are not just some personal lubricant. It is meant for those women who do not have any records of serious medical issues and just needs a little help in getting aroused. It is also sometimes referred to as foreplay gels or clitoral stimulants; however, its main aim is to satisfy the woman. The creams are specially designed to give the woman more pleasure from her climax, and making her attain her orgasm quickly.

How effective are these orgasm cream

The arising question from the use of these creams, however, is that “Do they work?” A particularly popular brand carried out a survey and showed

that about 75% of the women that have used the orgasm cream are satisfied with the result they got from it.

The women claimed to have heightened sexual pleasure, arousal, and sensitivity where it is needed. It has also been proven that the cream helps to increase the blood flow towards the genital area. It is a known fact however that anything that enhances the sensitivity of a zone will also raise the level of pressure that is felt in such area.

There are some ingredients that you should watch out for when looking for a real orgasm cream to buy for Female libido enhancement. Some of them include Methyl Salicylate, L-Arginine HCL, Acetylcholine, Methyl Nicotinate, Amrinone, Niacin, and Bamethan.  You should ensure that you are not allergic to the ingredients in the cream, however.

The creams usually have a very smooth and silk-like texture so that it could be applied easily. They are also generally soluble in water, and they do not stain hence your sheets won’t give your sexual activities away.

You can always try out some orgasm creams for some sexual enticement in your sexual life. There are many orgasm creams available in the market.