Low sexual desire in women: The problem and the solution

Women do not have an on and off button. At bedtime, the combination of a few details makes all the difference. In the pro-sex package, they get high self-esteem, a calm mind and good body knowledge. Not to mention a flurry of hormones and other chemicals need to be in sync with any orgasm cream. In addition, of course, a dedicated partner who is willing to stimulate strategic points plus a very good orgasm cream can do wonders.

Low Hormones

In other words, several factors, psychological and organic, serve as fuel to spark the desire to have sex with women. Female hormones, such as estrogen, and male hormones, such as testosterone, play a key role in this. Yes, women also produce testosterone in the ovaries and in the adrenal glands. When your levels are very low, there are usually changes in the libido.

You are not alone

It is no simple task to indicate a treatment when this intricate net behind the female will faces Siberian temperatures. This is what experts call hypoactive desire, a problem more common than you might think. Just to get an idea, a survey of 750 women at the University of Chicago in the United States reveals that sexual disinterest affects 33% of respondents and the difficulty of lubrication, 22%. Luckily, scientists are coming up with solutions for the sex thermometer to re-signal only hot weather in those experiencing this kind of problem, and a good helper is the use of arousal cream. Find out more in this site : www.morgasmcream.com


One of the alternatives is arousal cream, a drug developed by the companies all over the world. It may be the first pill capable of stimulating a woman’s sexual appetite. It modulates the availability of serotonin. This modulation of the neurotransmitter in charge of promoting well-being leads to an increase in dopamine, a key substance to instigate interest in sex.

Unlike the male pills that act almost the same time, flibanserin would take six to eight weeks to produce effects. The drug began to be studied by German scientists in the 1990s with the promise of being an antidepressant to cope with fluoxetine and the like. And, to his surprise, the flibanserin sent the women to bed for a good deed, of course.

The enemy of being sexual

Depression, it should be noted, is behind 40% of cases of below-zero libido, according to a survey by the on the web. The oscillations of estrogen during the menstrual cycle have a part in this seesaw of humor. And some female members are more sensitive to falling rates after ovulation. This phenomenon knocks down the concentration of serotonin. There, it beats that sadness and the attraction for the partner becomes a memory of the past. The critical phase comes to the fore in menopause, when the ovaries eventually shut down estrogen production. So, depression usually gives the faces and ravages the libido. It is always a good idea to try some orgasm cream to have good results fast. Click here !